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Technology Center

Technology Center

Class R & D platform:with state-level enterprise technical centers, post-doctoral research station, academician workstation, Shandong Province special cement admixture Engineering Research Center, National Productivity Promotion Center of energy-saving building materials industry sub-centers, the domestic industry is difficult for enterprises beyond.
Class R & D team:35 percent of the total number of R & D personnel, including 6 professors, Ph.D. 7, Master 16 people, 8 senior State Department has a special contribution to young experts who have made outstanding contributions in Shandong Province young expert a person, special allowance of the State Council two people. With the domestic first-class universities and research institutes to cooperate with China Building Materials Academy has, Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University, Jinan University, Luoyang Institute of Technology, Henan Polytechnic, Linyi University and other tertiary institutions and research institutes to establish a partnership to conduct research and development and product upgrades.
Class R & D facilities.Technology Center of existing X- ray diffractometer (USA Bruker), plasma emission spectrometer (USA Varian Inc.), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (American Nicolet Company), high performance liquid chromatograph (Shimadzu Corporation) , capillary electrophoresis instrument (Beckman Coulter, France), gas chromatograph (Shimadzu Corporation), gas chromatography - mass spectrometry in conjunction instrument (Shimadzu Corporation), scanning electron microscopy (the chief instrument company), dual channel atomic fluorescence spectrometer (Beijing Titan Instruments Co., Ltd.), atomic absorption spectrophotometer (Varian, Inc. USA), laser particle size analyzer, such as first-class research equipment.
First-class R & D results:the company involved in cement technology research admixtures, concrete admixtures, special cement, alumina based cementitious materials, soil stabilizer, industrial waste activation, special concrete, waterproofing materials, cement foaming agents. Annual research funding accounts for more than 6% of sales revenue, has assumed the National Innovation Fund 3, the State Torch Program 3, the state's key new product plan a national resource conservation and environmental protection projects 1, provincial science and technology plan 30 remainder; above provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological awards seven municipal more than 20 items; authorized nine patents, utility model patents 2.